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Trap State Offers E-commerce Solution to Every Business


The e-commerce market in Sri Lanka accounts for USD 25 million in 2013, which 5 years back was still at an infancy stage. In 2012, 3 million Sri Lankans had access to internet and currently it has seen a staggering growth of over 4.2 million (2014) users with a yearly growth of 9% and an internet penetration of almost 20% of the population in Sri Lanka.

Digital media has become remarkably effective at serving the basic shopping and distribution needs which until recently could only be fulfilled by physical stores.

E-commerce is not limited to retail industry only, which includes startup clothing stores, tea exporters, coconut sellers, bookshops, soft toys, textile and saree shops, but extends to the service industry of Sri Lanka such as spas, beauty salons, educational institutes, healthcare, banking and insurance, tourism and hotel reservations to many more.

The advantage of operating online is having the privilege of taking your business to millions of online users distributed globally, in an instant. Receive instantaneous publicity, increase product awareness (via likes, shares, followers and connections), open up new customer bases and increase revenue generating streams.

Trap State is a dedicated e-commerce company that specializes in enabling new businesses and existing businesses to reap the benefits of going online. We aim to provide an online solution to every business in Sri Lanka, both products and service industries.

As e-commerce specialists, we have studied and understood the myriad benefits of doing business online. The virtual world has no geographical boundaries and limited target audiences.

Furthermore, as e-commerce specialists, we have identified the key obstacles in doing business online and provided solutions to each of them. Through our hands-on research with businesses in various industries, it is found that high involvement of technology is one reason for businesses to not get online.

The online experience is equal or more than a physical operation – product and service comparison, ability to view other user behavior and buying patterns such as what others purchased, most viewed items to most sold items, personalized customer assistance through interactive chats and, above all, convenience at the comfort of your own place.

Businesses are able to understand customer profiles and their behavior to gather new insights into the level of engagement being created. Businesses can utilize this as market research to make intelligent business decisions.

We have successfully overcome the most common obstacles in enabling businesses online”, states Mr. Sohan Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer of Trapstate (Pvt) Ltd.

He also stated, the vision of Trap State is to get every business online and what makes us different is we ensure to provide an end-to-end solution through payments, delivery partners and removing the technology layer from the business.

Payment methods include cash on delivery, credit card internet payment and other mobile payment solutions such as eZcash and mCash. Therefore, unlike until now, it has become inexpensive and also businesses need not worry about the technicalities.

Moreover, Mr. Chandrasena is delighted to announce that the Trap State product based e-commerce solution is a total package which includes partnering up with 3 of the most outstanding delivery partners in Sri Lanka. The deal gets better with the multiple options of cash on delivery, same day delivery, express delivery, island-wide delivery and international delivery.

We firmly believe in making your business easy, hence let you concentrate on your core business activities while we focus on undertaking the responsibility in the online space. Thereby, the technical hassle of going online and sustaining it is completely abstracted from the business.

Visit our website or get in touch with us via to join the e-commerce bandwagon. Speak to Sukita on +94 766 269 762 or Ruwanthi on +94 766 269 760 for more details today!

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